The National Safety Net Advancement Center is working with over 50 safety net organizations from across the U.S. to host six Virtual Learning Collaboratives (VLCs). These collaboratives will foster shared learning environments for safety net organizations to overcome payment and care delivery reform challenges. Collaboratives will be facilitated by safety net experts from Starling Advisors and OptumInsight and will identify practical solutions to these challenges through a combination of real-world examples, case studies, and an applied project carried out within participants’ own organizations.

  Each Virtual Learning Collaborative will span three months and includes six bi-weekly 90-minute virtual meetings. Collaboratives will focus on the following topic areas:

Collaborative Topic VLC Dates
Clinical Care Team Transformation Strategies June 1st- September 1st, 2016
Network Structure, Governance, and Operations June 1st- September 1st, 2016
Financial Planning, Implementation, and Control September 15th- December 15th, 2016
Clinical Integration Across Settings September 15th- December 15th, 2016
Risk Management and Risk Adjustment January 15th- April 15th, 2017
Patient Attribution and Activation January 15th- April 15th, 2017

Our VLC Network:

VLC & CFP State Map